Home movie footage of Pat, Frazer and Debbie taken during the shooting of The Abominable Snowmen at Nant Ffrancon in Wales (4th to 9th September 1967)

This is my special travel dressing gown.
David Mitchell + Pizza Masterpost

My name is Pietre. And my father wasn’t incredible. Not at all.

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make me choose meme | foxmuldeer asked: lee or wilson wilson
Don’t worry, Wilson. We’ll make a great team, you and me. I can do stuff and you can keep an eye out.

It’s not that you can’t take life. I reckon you could take billions.

Dylan Moran in Shaun Of The Dead casting tape. [x]

You starred as Simon Pegg’s adversary in Shaun of the Dead, if you were caught in the middle of a real zombie apocalypse and had only and axe or a shotgun to defend yourself with, what would you use?
Is that a real question? Could I use a blender?
I don’t see why not.
Well I’m a very patient person so I’d probably just keep trying to talk to them (zombies) and get eaten. [x]